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PACIFICATION. The act of making peace between two countries which have been at war; the restoration of public tranquillity.

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VAR protesters demonstrating against Police Pacification Units
The Tet Offensive, of course, doomed the Johnson administration's pacification efforts.
Santos' wife, Geisha Silva, works as a social worker in Rio's Pacification Units that is working to try to take the favelas (shanty towns) back from drug lords.
Ahern reveals that, on the one hand, outsiders who concluded that the CIA's participation in an operation produced nothing beneficial actually validated the agency's concealment of an intelligence operation inside a pacification program.
governmental agencies working in South Vietnam to include pacification efforts headed in the hamlets by the State Department.
Violence means to use brute force to people with an opposite opinion instead of persuation and pacification.
President Lyndon Johnson had ordered a full-court press on pacification, meaning "counterinsurgency," in Vietnam, and the Department of State, USAID, USIA, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency and even Department of Agriculture were ordered to supply officers for the rural pacification effort.
Sergio Ribeiro, commercial director of SKY TV, said the company sold more in the eight days after the pacification of Rocinha than it did in its entire previous history in the favela.
13 -- (BNA) The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA) emphasized the need for reunification and restoration of our national unity in order to protect the nation and to preserve the gains of our dear citizens as well as consolidate the values of amity, love, tolerance and co-existence between all citizens, urging for purification of atmospheres as well as souls and pacification of the situation through wisdom and kind preaching.
Dai's, The Sichuan Frontier and Tibet, makes clear that the history of eighteenth-century Sichuan province under three Qing emperors is the history of military pacification.
We hope that the pacification will not be just about ejecting the drug traffickers but also to bring sanitation, education, health," said Raimundo Benicio de Souda, a 56-year-old community leader known as "Lima".
Determined to paint Westmoreland as a military dullard, Sorley makes little mention of American pacification efforts from 1964-1968.