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Three times the trumpets blasted for a brave pacifist killed in war.
Indeed, it is all right with me if Corbyn does come out as a pacifist.
We might wonder what a world full of pacifists would have done once it had grown "aroused" - commit suicide as well?
But for many Japanese, they will undermine dearly-held pacifist ideals.
In the end, however, the book operates with a questionable presupposition: Bonhoeffer cannot be both a committed pacifist and a member of a conspiracy to kill Hitler.
One image that popped into my head captures some of the pacifist dilemma.
Abe said last month that Japan's pacifist post-World War II constitution, which limits its military to self-defence, could be amended by 2020.
He investigates the factors for the shift, whether Japan has been normalizing its military power by participating in international peace operations, and how the shifts have influenced Japan's identity as a global pacifist state.
He is demanding the repeal of these pacifist clauses in Japan's constitution, which restricts the activities of the country's armed forces.
BRITAIN'S last surviving First World War veteran will not be marking Remembrance Sunday today - because he has become a pacifist.
A Pacifist at War: The Silence of Francis Cammaerts.
Kingdom to Commune: Protestant Pacifist Culture between World War I and the Vietnam Era.