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Part 5, "Church and Society," thematically covers Stone's early position on slavery, his historic premillennialism, and his later pacifistic aversion to government involvement.
Initially, Churchill can't persuade his colleagues in Parliament or pacifistic Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin (Derek Jacobi) to take his dire warnings seriously, but as his facts become keener and more accurate, thanks to covert assistance from Desmond Morton (recent Oscar winner Jim Broadbent) and Ralph Wigram (Linus Roache), attention must be paid.
As Palestinians enter their fourth generation of occupation and dispossession, it is too much to expect that they, especially their younger generation, will remain passive or pacifistic.
The human rights movement of this period was essentially pacifistic and usually averse to U.
Curiously, they agreed on pacifistic principles, while concocting slanderous literature.
By subscribing to this pacifistic, respectful philosophy and by being interested in teaching youth, they could bring a core program for at-risk youngsters into their local schools.
A more explicitly pacifistic ethic was championed by Dietrich Bonhoeffer at the 1934 Fano Conference for Practical Christianity.
This measured and pacifistic image seems strangely at variance with the Irish policies of James, which called for the expulsion or execution of Catholic priests and the fining, imprisonment, or execution of anyone who failed to observe the explicit order of worship of the Church of Ireland.
s reconstruction of Aquinas effectively presents a more modern Thomas than that of the standard version: more egalitarian, more constitutional, more pacifistic.
He denies that Christianity is a pacifistic religion that is incompatible with the obligations of citizens to fight for the state.
But Simpson cites a quote from the New York Times in 1996 in which Stone said "the most pacifistic people in the world said they came out of this movie and wanted to kill somebody.