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Addis Ababa : Regional African leaders signed a deal on Sunday aimed at pacifying the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
TV critic Doug Elfman wrote: "Reality TV is pacifying America.
corporate media pundits celebrated the destruction, explaining that the Fallujah operation would set a new tempo for the Iraq war by pacifying the resistance.
Along the way, Deanna's slimy agent, her pacifying producer, her lunkheaded love puppet and even the prima donna herself get to flash their moments of humanity.
Writing of the hypnotic, pacifying potential of film, Roland Barthes, in his 1975 essay "Leaving the Movie Theater," ruminated on the possibility of turning spectatorship into a critical enterprise.
Moscow's hopes of pacifying the restive republic have been laid to rest with the slain president.
Ignatius commends Polycarp for pacifying the Church at Antioch, Irenaeus for his conciliation of the Roman community over the celebration of Easter dispute.
COALITION forces should steel themselves for a decade-long stay in Iraq if they want to succeed in pacifying the country,former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown suggested yesterday.
Bush asserts that there has been significant progress in pacifying Iraq and dismisses as "pure politics" charges that he took the US to war under false pretenses.