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These words were far from pacifying the Chief Inspector.
Security forces in Rio have reportedly been trying to reclaim territory in the city from the control of heavily armed drug gangs, and until recently, deployment of special teams called Pacifying Police Units in dozens of Brazilian slums was viewed as a major achievement.
On information, police rushed to the spot and dispersed the protesters by pacifying them that the accused would be arrested soon.
Summary: Addis Ababa: Regional African leaders signed a deal on Sunday aimed at pacifying the troubled .
Neck touching and stroking is one of the most significant pacifying behaviors we resort to under stress.
Sources said that Rehman Malik along with other coalition partners-JUI, ANP, BNP Awami-played a pivotal role after the differences emerged between Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani and five PPP Parliamentarians, by pacifying the dissident parliamentarians.
TV critic Doug Elfman wrote: "Reality TV is pacifying America.
corporate media pundits celebrated the destruction, explaining that the Fallujah operation would set a new tempo for the Iraq war by pacifying the resistance.
Right now, the county's priority need to be be pacifying its jails, not picking up a few extra bucks.
From the start he has favoured the weak NEC bid, safe in the knowledge that it would fail, thus providing him with a convenient political stick - blame the Government for snubbing Birmingham while pacifying Tory councillors who opposed any casino development in the region.
Writing of the hypnotic, pacifying potential of film, Roland Barthes, in his 1975 essay "Leaving the Movie Theater," ruminated on the possibility of turning spectatorship into a critical enterprise.
Moscow's hopes of pacifying the restive republic have been laid to rest with the slain president.