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Reducing Unnecessary Right Ventricular Pacing with the managed Ventricular Pacing Mode in Patients with Sinus Node Disease and AV Block.
Conclusions: In elderly patients with complete heart block and unimpaired systolic function undergoing DOD pacemaker implantation, both ventricles share a similar pattern of diastolic function adaptation to AVI modifications and that might be the reflection of ventricular interaction under this specific pacing mode.
AMS, another technology pioneered by Telectronics, senses excessively rapid heart rates in the upper chambers of the heart and switches to a safer pacing mode.
New REPLY[TM] Pacing Systems Promote the Patient's Natural Heart Rhythm Through SafeR [TM] Pacing Mode and Incorporate Significant Size Reduction
When the dysrhythmia subsides, Trilogy DR+(TM) automatically returns to its originally programmed pacing mode.
The SafeR technology builds on the Sorin Group's proven AAISafeR[TM] pacing mode first introduced in Europe in September 2003 and in the US in May 2005.