pack away

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Some teachers are reassigned to new spaces and need to pack away everything they use for instruction.
Indianapolis, IN, November 26, 2015 --( Ben Franklin Insurance and Investments hosted a two-hour volunteer event to pack thousands of meals for hungry people through a partnership with local non-for-profit organization Pack Away Hunger.
No need to > kneel down by the river to sort out your smalls, just pack away the world's first pocket-sized washing machine.
"He threw the cigarette pack away and resisted arrest after we surrounded them," a police officer told the court.
IF you want to declutter in time for Christmas pack away any mess with this threedrawer storage unit from Home Bargains.
"We found some terrific product-great brand names-that we thought would resonate with customers," Chaville says about the pack away increase.
The FoodSaver GameSaver might be just right for hunters or fishermen looking to pack away some dinners for those closed fishing and hunting months.
No need to go foraging around for sticks though, pack away a couple of these lances and add a medieval feel to the proceedings to avoid burnt digits.
Just because it's January, it doesn't mean you have to pack away all your decorations says Clare Jobson
I began to dwell on the consequences of taking in a family: I would have to pack away my new drum set and weight set to make living space for the family.
Suggest that your lady customers pack away their winter guns along with their winter clothing and slip into something more comfortable, like the Kel-Tec P-3AT.
Centre, pack away the children's lunch with this stylish box from Asda (pounds 2.97)