pack tightly

See: constrict
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In the case of a propylene carbonatebased electrolyte, the lithium ions are not surrounded by solvent and therefore pack tightly between MXene sheets.
To make a planter, simply line your carved pumpkin with newspaper, pack tightly with soil, add some seeds and then plant into the ground.
Wet your hands and shape equal amounts of the mix around eight skewers to form sausage shapes, and pack tightly. Leave in the fridge for an hour or so to set up then remove 15 minutes before cooking.
At 39x15x9 inches, the case has enough room in the main compartment to safely store your bow, as well as many other items you'll want to pack tightly. On a recent hog- hunting excursion to Florida, the extra space was used to pack all my camo and rain gear.
I wash, scrape, and slice them, then boil until they are soft enough to pack tightly into glass jars.
The finer textured material tends to pack tightly. Water will shed rather than penetrate, thus starving the plant roots for moisture as well as excluding the movement of fresh oxygen into the soil.
Though many of those have shown some success, one drawback is that it's difficult to load large amounts of siRNA onto those carriers, because the short strands do not pack tightly.
The stumble at Billingham pushed them back down into the drop spots but with the pack tightly bunched above them, victory could haul them up three places - especially as rivals Town, Guisborough and Shields are all on FA Vase duty.
He said that in live coral, the juveniles and adults pack tightly together, all hiding in the shelter of the coral.
cover cut sides with sesame seed mixture and press to pack tightly.
The tiny lavender flowers that blossom from the stem develop into small, juicy fruits that pack tightly together to form one succulent mass.