pack together

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Today's photon circuits are relatively large and simple, and may pack together four to 10 devices to manipulate photons and cost $10,000, Ho said.
The components being linear and regular, are able to pack together in bundles or crystals, and the paraffin waxes are characteristics in being crystalline products.
According to Salvatore Torquato of Princeton University, tetrahedra may be able to pack together randomly even more efficiently.
The course undulates but the sprinters' teams should be able to keep the pack together.
The charity and the Telegraph are asking readers to pack together five exercise books, five pens, five pencils, two rulers, two erasers and one sharpener in a clear plastic bag, together with pounds 1 for transportation costs.
Damian's graphic designer girlfriend Laila, 24, has also helped with the illustrations and putting the pack together.
To make a wad of food for hatchlings, the female uses a few drops of nectar to pack together pollen she has collected from about 5,000 alfalfa flowers.
Martin contributed enormously in the cliff-hanging stages and held the pack together.
But I watched the game against Australia last weekend and Wales seem to be getting a decent pack together.
What bound the Pack together was their arrogant delinquency which showed itself through their hellraising behaviour.