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TO PACK. To deceive by false appearance; to counterfeit; to delude; as packing a jury. (q.v.) Bac. Ab. Juries, M; 12 Conn. R. 262.

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Owing to the lengthiness of many state names, Louisiana's 13-square is probably not packable, but Wisconsin's roomier 16-square may well be.
No need to bother now thanks to Timberland which has come up with a packable footwear range for spring 2001.
souvenirs that are cheap ($20 or less), packable and fun.
The European Commission has itself admitted the opportunities for fraud when packable product is declared withdrawn but may not in fact have been destroyed.
Currently we have five packable wethers (castrated male goats): one big, white 2-year old Alpine, "Captain," who is 190 pounds, 36" at the withers and gentle as a kitten; two Oberhasli wethers - "Napoleon," a 3-year old red and black beauty, 160 pounds, 34" at the withers, and "Mohawk," a yearling, 120 pounds and 31".
On an ordinary job, it takes less than an hour from the time the heats are up until we're making packable containers.
Developed as a comfortable soft-shell, it is also durably water-resistant, windproof, easily packable and dries quickly.
The Vector Hawk design is well suited to support a man packable all in one solution that includes: a fixed-wing aircraft for standard and long endurance missions; a collapsible fixed-wing aircraft that can be launched from a tube from land or water; a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft; and a tilt-rotor enabling VTOL with transition to forward flight.
In late-summer seasons, I carry only Cabela's Dry Plus packable raingear to protect me during the occasional squall or thunderstorm.
Tack on features like wind resistance, 360-degree reflectivity, and Angel-Wing Movement to allow full range of arm motion, and this lightweight hooded marvel becomes an incredibly packable six-ounce shot of storm weather perfection.
Primus Eta Spider stove Perfect for two people, this oneburner stove is fuel–efficient and highly packable.