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TO PACK. To deceive by false appearance; to counterfeit; to delude; as packing a jury. (q.v.) Bac. Ab. Juries, M; 12 Conn. R. 262.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Furthermore, a more streamlined bow tends to carry easier in your hand as you hike the mountains or to your stand, making it feel lighter and more packable compared to a bulkier model.
The availability of the packable Composan bio-esthetic and its flowable version Composan bio-esthetic flow allows to choose the right nano-ceram composite version for every indication/ purpose.
It's waterproof and very packable so it can be easily stowed in a rucksack or bag when the sun shines.
23 FASHION NOTES Autumn goodies and swimmingly good style 24 FASHION How to wear yellow, whatever your age 26 BEAUTY Vegan beauty is big news - here's what to look for 29 BEAUTY NOTES Packable perfumes and pretty palettes 30 LIVING NOTES Give your kitchen a modern mix-and-match look 32 FOOD Our guide to budget supermarket shopping - plus recipes for rustling up delicious discount meals 37 TV Our pick of the week's best telly 46 WIN A Halfords dash cam
In its Holiday Shop, the department store's buying team has created an edit of the best packable fashion, tech, grooming and accessories.
Work Sharp knife sharpeners range from a packable field sharpener for outdoor enthusiasts to a full-featured blade grinder.
Wallaroo also makes a number of packable hats, including the Casual Traveler ($40) that comes in a rainbow of colors.
As a guy looking for 6-shot .38/357 packable revolvers, I can't wait.
The LeSportsac Travel System is casual, functional, packable and portable-ideal for life on the go.
Touring the works was made far more convenient and economically viable by the compact and uniform size of the pieces which are easily packable. This format also makes a strong aesthetic statement, the action of journey itself informing the audience's reception of the exhibition as a whole, not simply as instrumental in its procedure.