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To him she seemed something almost divine; and whenever her golden head and deep blue eyes peered out upon him from behind some dusky cotton-bale, or looked down upon him over some ridge of packages, he half believed that he saw one of the angels stepped out of his New Testament.
The merchant fishermen at the falls acted as middlemen or factors, and passed the objects of traffic, as it were, cross-handed; trading away part of the wares received from the mountain tribes to those of the rivers and plains, and vice versa: their packages of pounded salmon entered largely into the system of barter, and being carried off in opposite directions, found their way to the savage hunting camps far in the interior, and to the casual white traders who touched upon the coast.
But no one entered except two or three marines, who brought her trunks and packages, deposited them in a corner, and retired without speaking.
SST developed the new micro-BGA package to respond to the needs of our customers and the industry," said Y.
If you're a little reluctant about pursuing a package deal, don't be.
The IRS was artful in defining package design costs.
With excruciatingly tight margins, some of our competitors, particularly those losing market share to aseptic packaging, wouldn't have minded seeing the aseptic package killed.
At Duracell, for instance, rechargeable batteries can be mailed back to the company by customers who call an 800 number on the package.
The drugs led the joint team to a big arrest when an undercover postal inspector made a controlled delivery of the package to the mailing address in Omaha, and police officers immediately executed a search warrant on the location.
A low-cost software package is a waste of money if it doesn't provide the capabilities required.
The German legislature then approved a law making whoever places a package into commerce responsible for taking it back.
Perhaps it would be cheaper to buy one airline's package out of Miami, but travel on another airline from your gateway city to Miami if the second airline has a less expensive fare.