packed with meaning

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With creative stylist Claire Hornby In association with IN Victorian times a simple bouquet came packed with meaning.
In Victorian times, a simple bouquet came packed with meaning.
So, when vocalist Rima Khcheich and her accompanist Rabih Mroue performed at Masrah Beirut Tuesday evening, the event was as densely packed with meaning as the diminutive hall was stuffed with spectators.
Older neighborhood schools, typically built as the center of their communities and within walking distance for many students, are packed with meaning and memories for town residents.
In this brilliantly devised film everything works like clockwork from the outset and almost every line is packed with meaning.
And so we could continue on, listing examples up to or close to our own times; many of the novels of Joyce Cary, Evelyn Waugh, an d Graham Greene are packed with meaning.