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A bargain, compact, or agreement. An agreement between two or more nations or states that is similar to, but less complex than, a treaty.


noun agreement, alliance, arrangement, assurance, bargain, bond, charter, coalition, compact, compromise, concordance, concordat, consentaneity, consortium, contract, convention, cooperation, covenant, deal, entente, foedus, guarantee, indenture, league, mutual agreement, mutual pledge, mutual promise, pactio, paction, pactum, pledge, promise, reconciliation, settlement, stipulation, treaty, understanding, union, operose, operosus, particular, plodding, precise, punctilious, regardful, sedulous, sedulus, sparing no pains, strenuous, strict, thorough, untiring, zealous
See also: accordance, adjustment, agree, agreement, arrangement, assurance, bargain, cartel, compact, condition, contract, covenant, deal, duty, guaranty, indenture, league, mutual understanding, obligation, peace, policy, promise, protocol, settlement, specialty, stipulation, treaty, understanding


promise or agreement, often used of important treaties between states.

PACT, civil law. An agreement made by two or more persons on the same subject in order to form some engagement, or to dissolve or modify, one already made, conventio est duorum in idem placitum consensus de re solvenda, id. est facienda vel praestanda. Dig. 2, 14; Clef des Lois Rom. h.t.; Ayl. Pand. 558; Merl, Rep. Pacte, h.t.

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In fact, Karzai has two main goals by insisting to postpone signing of the pact until April.
The main opposition Democratic United Party on Sunday demanded the dismissal of Prime Minister Kim Hwang Sik over the government's attempt to sign the controversial pact with Japan.
This Pact is so important for Bulgaria that many of the MPs agree with it but we must make sure that its final version will be perfect from a legal perspective," Djankov stated.
Meanwhile, the ministry panel did not acknowledge the existence of a secret pact, also allegedly agreed over the Okinawa reversion process, under which Japan would allow Washington to bring nuclear weapons into Okinawa in times of emergency.
Since its development in 2002, PACT has steadily gained in popularity.
However, Syria's information minister, Mohsen Bilal, said the pact amounts to an "award to the occupiers" of Iraq.
Some legislatures have a conspiracy to pass the pact," he explained.
Since Variety last conducted its Facts on Pacts survey, MGM has gone from being under Sony's oversight to a standalone company again, and New Line has been folded into Warner Bros.
Sergeant Nick Husbands, who has helped organise the scheme, said: "It was felt that there was a need to re-jig PACT slightly to make meetings more relevant to the local communities in that part of Bromsgrove district.
In "Estimates of Pregnancies Averted Through California's Family Planning Waiver Program in 2002" [2006, 38(3):126-131], Diana Greene Foster and colleagues discuss the many successes of California's Family PACT program.
As Ancient Pact delves deeper into the evermore engaging mind of main character Karan Coleman as she discovers the estranging truths of her own dreams and realities.