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When choosing padding material, Brown says to make sure you start with UV-treated vinyl and durable thickness.
Innovation always has been an important part of our mission, and this is the first true departure from traditional padding material that the sport has seen in 30 years," says Schutt Sports President Julie Nimmons.
This lightweight, low-profile brace is made of heat-moldable Kydex[R] plastic and features cool Ortho-Wick[TM] padding that draws moisture away from the body for patient comfort and compliance.
It's the multi-colored padding made up of chopped and shredded pieces--pieces of used carpet padding combined with postindustrial polyurethane foam scrap.
Designed for high school and college use, these helmets feature a GE Lexan polycarbonate alloy shell and a foam-molded liner padding system.
Protective padding = underpad, bed pad, chair pad, bedsheet, drawsheet