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Gerber's translation (1999): "I myself taking the lead in the Lesbian paean to the pipe's accompaniment"
The early critical history of Hamlet is often a paean to Shakespeare as a writer who invests his characters with a life-like self.
Lest you think this is just a paean to the wonders of Blackhawk, you should know that the company is far from perfect.
Largely a paean to IBM, which at the time was the most powerful company on earth, this highly readable book was unimaginably successful, getting quoted, imitated, and praised everywhere by everybody as soon as it appeared.
The Independent writer Paul Vallely described it as `a paean to the God responsible for a world of beauty, with a sting-in-the-tale (sic) admonition for those who see the former and fail to make the connection to the God who made it'.
Morgan became established and was lionized as a popular novelist with The Wild Irish Girl (1806), a paean of praise to Ireland.
This half-hour paean to the glories of wild rivers and wild trout is presented in the form of a Holy Trinity of its finest examples: the intermountain West's Madison, Big Hole, and Yellowstone.
39-41), has made evident the poetry within the homilies, for example the paean to Mary, star of the sea, in paragraph 17 of the second homily.
SALISBURY stages a paean to the British Racing School today when the 11-runner finale is contested entirely by graduates of the Newmarket-based centre.
Gotham's restrained bible for culture vultures devoted its June 4 cover to the departing mob drama, and led its Talk of the Town column with a paean to Tony Soprano and his lumbering sociopaths, written by none other than editor in chief David Remnick.