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Unless Phoebus Apollo should save him from death, or Paean himself who knows the remedies for all things.
This is a final paean which Zarathustra sings to Eternity and the marriage- ring of rings, the ring of the Eternal Recurrence.
the day is not far off when JD( U) leaders, including the CM, will start singing paeans to Rahul Gandhi and raise slogans for his election as Prime Minister," former deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi ( in pic) said.
Amid paeans to idealized love, Tannhauser loses his grip and embarrasses everyone by singing of physical love's rewards, about which he knows plenty.
Online paeans to him surface each day; memorials in many cities are planned [see EricRofes.
These books are neither trite travelogues nor pretentious paeans of the Crescent City that has occupied our national consciousness these past months.
Yet, typically, just when Genzken had fully formed that vocabulary in her wooden hybrids--ranging from paeans to the utopian promises of luminously colored biomorphic abstraction and proto-utilitarian mechanomorphic devices for submarine and extraterrestrial locomotion--she abruptly canceled all continuity and abandoned the holistic splendor of her immaculate conceptions in favor of an aesthetic of rupture, rubble, and architectural fragments (at the very moment her work--included in 1982's Documenta 7--had finally become widely visible).
Similar paeans echoed among one million South Asians living in the greater London region.
Carolyn Graglia's paeans to "the joys of domestic life" warrant inclusion in women's studies textbooks.