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All I know, sirs," replied the page, "is that I am a real ambassador, and that Senor Sancho Panza is governor as a matter of fact, and that my lord and lady the duke and duchess can give, and have given him this same government, and that I have heard the said Sancho Panza bears himself very stoutly therein; whether there be any enchantment in all this or not, it is for your worships to settle between you; for that's all I know by the oath I swear, and that is by the life of my parents whom I have still alive, and love dearly.
Governors' daughters," said the page, "must not travel along the roads alone, but accompanied by coaches and litters and a great number of attendants.
The page refused, but had to consent at last for his own sake; and the curate took him home with him very gladly, in order to have an opportunity of questioning him at leisure about Don Quixote and his doings.
Mistress Dale, also, can go with her husband and be company for the Queen's page.
said the Queen smiling; "is this my lady Marian, or the page, Richard Partington?
Common graphics on most pages serve to unify the site and in turn help UA present itself as an organized and professional university.
The librarians building MedlinePlus Health Topic pages follow the same model that collection development librarians have used for years to create print reference collections, but the Web format creates additional challenges to collection evaluation and selection.
Visitors often print copies of Web pages for future reference, but a surprising number of pages do not look good when printed--for example, text may run off the side of the printed page or shrink when printed, rendering it unreadable.
01, page 43, we demonstrated how to create a basic Web site with Microsoft's FrontPage.
For the first nine months of the this year, total ad pages for the information technology market fell 31.
The DISAM training faculty was authoring the individual web pages but still having to go to the DISAM web master to have them published on the internet.
Currently only a handful of companies are doing dynamic edge caching--the majority of caching companies are focused on caching graphics for those pages, include Akamai, CacheFlow, and Inktomi.