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It has also put increased demands on the limited paging spectrum allotted by the FCC.
Our expertise in satellite broadcasting, combined with their expertise in paging infrastructure, creates a powerful combination for a variety of paging applications," said Joe Amor, vice president and general manager of Microspace.
population with paging service, and three extremely strong channels of distribution nationwide (direct, retail and reseller), the overall growth of TSR Wireless should rise tremendously in the years to come.
Since the launch of China Telecom's nationwide roaming paging network in 1997, Motorola has also won contracts in seventeen provincial cities and seven provinces in China, including Henan, Ningxia, Zheijiang, Liaoning, Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan province.
For paging operators, the main benefits are the reduction in trunk setup time, the ability to use the Caller Line Identification (CLI) feature to initiate numeric messaging, increasing the system capacity and flow of handling information, thus reducing the number of trunks which in turn lowers the carriers' operating costs and benefits end users.
In this contract, Motorola will provide five complete sets of its latest state-of-the-art paging infrastructure product, the Wireless Messaging System (WMS), including the Wireless Message Gateway(TM) paging terminal, featuring one of the highest processing capabilities in the industry; the RF-Conductor(TM), a high capacity paging network controller; and Nucleus(R) paging transmitters with RF-Baton
With 170 retail locations nationwide under the TSR Wireless name, TSR is considered America's largest paging retailer.
The PhenX IPG is TekNow's solution for secure and reliable paging via the Internet.
With this contract, Motorola is providing a high-speed paging network to both an islandwide and a regionwide private operator in Taiwan.
Motorola's paging system employs the Inter-switch Paging Networks Protocol (IPNP) defined by China Telecom to support Multi-Frequency Roaming.
We at Beeperland believe that advanced voice paging has an extremely bright future in both Chile and South America among not only business users, but also family members wishing to keep closer in touch," said Ben Helsten, President, Beeperland.
Motorola has worked closely with its customers on new features for the M15 terminal," states Mike Maloney, senior director of product management and marketing, Motorola's Paging Systems Group.