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He explained that O'Hara's barrister Ian Speed had previously indicated to the court 'that the defendant had paid back a significant amount of money.
Edinburgh Council have paid back PS505million for 25 PFI-built schools but still have PS1.
A court allowed Winstone to pay it back rather than go to jail even though she would be 416 years old by the time she paid back the full amount - and that's not even including interest.
A fraud investigating officer at the courts service discovered a discrepancy between the amount claimed by Rees and the amount paid back to the council.
The businessman claimed that by the summer of 2015, he had paid back e1/438,480 and the suspect constantly threatened that he would harm him unless he paid back the rest.
JOHN Henry Sayers has paid back just a fraction of a suspected PS900,000 tax swindle - despite a police probe lasting more than a decade.
The nation has paid back Qatar, which had deposited the money in Egypt to help it prop up Egyptian hard currency reserves.
9% say that all deposits must be paid back in full.
Known as a "pay it forward" model, the money paid back would go into a special fond to help other students attend college using the same plan.
Tesla Motors(NASDAQ: TSLA), a United States-based automaker, has paid back a USD465m loan it received from the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing programme.
Five of the six New Hampshire banks "bailed out" through the federal government's Troubled Asset Relief Program have paid back the government in full--and then some, according to "Eye on the Bailout," a report by ProPublica, an investigative journalism website.
Yesterday, the European Competition commissioner Joaqun Almunia stated that if they found the conditions of the European grant had not been complied with then the money might have to be paid back.