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Professor Leonard further ponders whether the latest incarnation of white populists will be like earlier populists who paid lip service to anti-racism only to "secure political power on the back of black voters," or whether they "reflect a history of white intellectuals who have joined people of color in an effort to dream America anew.
For years, the military has paid lip service to corporate management theories, outsourcing small amounts of work to the private sector, trying to focus units on their "core competencies," sending officers to seminars at the stock exchanges or other money-making enterprises.
The other candidates paid lip service to strengthening labor and environmental side agreements, but those won't get at the essence of these pacts, which is to elevate the untrammeled pursuit of profit over everything else.
Theoretically, I've always paid lip service to the futility of laying up treasure on this earth, all the while compiling a library of music and books that far outstrips what anyone could ever "need" in that regard.
And the first-phase report paid lip service of Lesley Ash proportions to jump racing.
But Communism paid lip service to liberty, and pretended to achieve equality.