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Figures for 2011/12 show that in Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland a total of almost PS10m was paid out in severance packages.
Meanwhile, more than pounds 250,000 has been paid out by the force since 2005-06 in relation to vehicle claims.
The same five companies have paid out the best dividends since at least 2007, the research revealed.
A legal battle has halted the payments - but now a High Court judge has ruled that cash from a trust fund set up just before Farepak's parent firm went bust can be paid out.
It is hoped they will receive 24% of their compensation from a pounds 33m cash pot and that this will be resolved and paid out next year.
We do feel that companies are paying now for over-reaching themselves a few years back when the same policy would have paid out between pounds 100,000 to pounds 110,000, and it must be difficult for customers to accept that just as recently as 2000 their policy would have been worth twice as much.
Energy minister Brian Wilson promised to accelerate handling of the cases, and said he expects the final compensation to be "up to 10 times the sums that have so far been paid out.
The average bonuses paid out by the two sectors in the year to April was PS1,500 lower than the previous 12 months, according to the Office for National Statistics.
THE ROYAL Mail paid out pounds 115,000 last year to South Wales customers whose letters or packages were delayed, lost or stolen.