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The pain threshold test was done 24 hours after wet cupping therapy in the treatment group, while it was carried out in the control group 72 hours after the CFA injection.
While the AAQ-II and the CSQ met normality assumptions, pain tolerance and pain threshold scores were skewed and violated the linearity assumption needed to perform analyses of covariance (ANCOVAs).
The mean Pain threshold, Pain tolerance and Blood Glucose level were significantly higher after intake of food on comparison to before intake of food as shown in Table 2.
Pressure pain threshold in pain-free subjects, in patients with chronic regional pain syndromes, and in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome.
Major finding: A significant negative correlation was found between thermal pain thresholds and scores on the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (P less than .
Our observations indicate changes in pain threshold up to 11 yr following focal burn injury of the upper limb(s), i.
Pain threshold and tolerance measures were analyzed a second time using aggressiveness and competitiveness as covariates.
As a means to stimulate the pain threshold to pressure, it was used a dolorimeter, (Kratos [R]), with tapered extremity and able to produce pressure up to 50 kgf.
I think women have a higher pain threshold - Judith Weston, 46, a work force manager, of Carlton, Stockton
Therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to examine Pain Threshold (PT) and Pain Intensity (PI) during and following two metabolically different bouts of exercise.
It has been widely and unkindly suggested that his pain threshold is more wimp than warrior.
The researchers discovered that pain threshold was about three degrees C higher when looking at the hand, compared to when looking at another object and that the level of pain depends on how large the hand looked: the larger the hand the greater the effect of pain reduction.