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Dependent variables included pain threshold, pain tolerance, self-reports from the CSQ and the Usefulness, Difficulty, and Frequency measure.
Results of this study showed Gallic acid use leads to a sharp decrease in blood glucose content, increased memory and pain decreased with increased pain threshold in diabetic rats and also caused an increase in the memory of non-diabetic rats.
Also, they found a significant negative correlation between thermal pain thresholds and scores on the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (P less than .
The heat pain threshold from the dorsum of the foot was not different from the control population tested in any of the subjects with burn injury.
Somebody that didn't have the pain threshold of Danny would not have been able to play on.
Gradual increase in cutaneous pain threshold was found in healthy subjects and patients with atopic eczema during repeated hypnotic sessions with specific suggestions.
I know that I heal quickly and I have quite a high pain threshold so it will not be a problem to battle through it.
Don't wait because the cancer spreads and all of a sudden you're in big trouble" Former footballer John Hartson on how he ignored a testicular lump "It was great being Jamie's bum double and he was absolutely lovely, very friendly" Chef Jamie Oliver's bum double and part-time actor Steve Clarke "Female redheads have large brains, are kind, generous and opinionated, but, yes, we suffer from a low pain threshold.
Perhaps the contestants getting restorative SWS during their 10-minute breaks and as they slept on their partners' shoulders created this higher pain threshold.
2000] compared the responses to cold pain threshold and localization tests of 75 control individuals and 26 individuals with Down's syndrome recruited from a dental clinic in France.