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Even before Leigh Griffiths almost got to keep Joe Hart and put him on his mantelpiece, it had still been painfully obvious.
Faithful to the healing mandate, they keep on "hoping against hope" (Rom 4:18) amidst all setbacks, which they, too, experience painfully.
Peter Bagge's comic description of Seattle's transit conundrum ("My Very Own Monorail," March) was at once sad, funny, and painfully accurate.
If soldiers on a battlefield suffer, there is a quieter, less evident suffering that happens behind the front lines, and this memoir reveals, painfully and movingly, the no less violent and scarring battles that happen there.
Sooner or later, this will be made painfully evident.
Haunted by the murder of his mother, and a mysterious phone call from the father who has not spoken to him in years, one man must revisit the hidden horrors of his childhood and painfully uncover a terrible truth before it destroys him, what is left of his family, and perhaps others caught in its wake as well.
It is painfully clear from the start that there is no happily ever after for the residents of Cecil Street.
We did this for three weeks and people would just sit and stare at us," von Rosenberg recalls painfully.
I was painfully shy, introverted, and did not exhibit any athletic talents, so my reaction to dance was completely unexpected, but somehow it felt right.
dollar, when the South African Reserve Bank's depleted international reserve position still leaves the rand so painfully exposed to a change in market sentiment?
In these times of painfully reduced staff in mills everywhere, a representative who is also a papermaking expert is invaluable.
Instead, as two new books, Liz Harris' lively Tilting at Mills: Green Dreams, Dirty Dealings and the Corporate Squeeze (Houghton Mifflin, $25) and Allen Hershkowitz' more technical Bronx Ecology: Blueprint for a New Environmentalism (Island Press, $25) make painfully clear, the project, launched amid great fanfare in 1992, disintegrated in 2000 under the weight of bureaucratic wrangling and simple greed.