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We are thrilled to be joining the Comodo Painless PCI program, which will give members of the Transact National Association Program tremendous access to some of the best security technology on the planet today," said Joseph Cherry, President and CEO, TransAct National Association Program.
Years 7 and 8 pupils in Coventry are among the first to benefit from the painless immunisation.
The Kaya Painless Laser uses an innovative 'IN-MOTION' technology, one of the most advanced laser hair reduction options available till date across the world.
Ol' Painless is my Schafer Silvertip recurve, which the late Paul Schafer built for me in 1986.
A 25-year-old man, a pest-control technician, presented to our clinic with a single, large, painless, sublingual and submental mass, which he had first noticed 2 years earlier.
Dog warden Dave Holden said: "Micro chipping is a safe and painless way to ensure your pet is properly tagged and can be cared for and returned to you.
1,4) In our patients with sarcoidosis with parotid involvement, the clinical presentation was generally in the form of bilateral, painless swelling of the gland.
In a nutshell: Pleasant, painless fairy tale from Garry Marshall with as much contemporary resonance as an episode of ``Happy Days.
Gore didn't know it, the vertebrae in her spine had most likely begun to fracture, a slow, often painless collapsing of bone called "microfractures," according to Laura Tosi, MD, chair of the Women's Health Issues Committee of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC.
The treatment Veinwave is touted as a cheaper, virtually painless and more effective alternative to sclerotherapy or laser for zapping broken veins.
Tommy Berry, 43, and Nigel Bell, 34, said the procedures were painless.
Typical of Canon printers, setup was easy and painless on the software and hardware side.