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This is not true if the consultant gives value for money delivered--that is, he ensures that you get ISO 9000 accreditation quickly and (relatively) painlessly.
What would be ideal is, instead of activating this receptor [as capsaicin does], to block it painlessly," says David E.
The contract increase, which was over 20 percent above original expectations, is a further validation of our unique method of painlessly sensing the presence and level of substances in the body without drawing blood," said Mark A.
In the future, Hawaiians may not escape so painlessly.
A "universal adapter" that reads dozens of formats and captures from hundreds of devices, including camcorders, web cams and mobile phones, the VideoEgg Publisher allows content creators to painlessly publish video in a format that anyone can watch without worrying about player compatibilities, encoding settings, or extra software.
Testing an alternative to bone marrow transplants, researchers have reconstituted the marrow of a seriously ill boy using blood drawn painlessly from the umbilical cord of his newborn sister.
Netopia delivers broadband service assurance solutions that enable carriers, service providers and enterprises to painlessly deploy next-generation broadband services.
The new CipherLab 8020, unveiled at the National Association of Convenience Stores show in Las Vegas (Booth 7300), enables retailers and distributors to painlessly adopt the latest data capture technology for the same cost as a few simple repairs to their existing Telxon field units.
For the first time, TypePad users can painlessly upload videos to their TypePad blog without the headaches of encoding formats, export settings, incompatible player versions, long uploads, or complicated video software.