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25mm in diameter and known as microconduits - allow the drug painlessly to enter the body.
The capsule moves painlessly through the gastrointestinal tract while transmitting color images on a real-time basis.
Glaxo Wellcome has teamed up with an Oxford company to develop its technique of painlessly administering vaccines usually given by injection.
They could remedy that ignorance quite painlessly by reading this book.
If chosen correctly, the consultant can be effective from day one and can be "fired" painlessly at the end of the exercise.
By making our extend technologies available first on VAX/VMS, then on AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS and now on HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS, enterprise customers have a low-cost, low-risk way to quickly and painlessly modernize their trusted business-critical systems.
At the very least, three 10-minute walks a day are painlessly beneficial to the body.
They are also testing other bodily fluids, such as tears and saliva, that can be collected painlessly and might contain valuable biochemical information.