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If printed materials address the painlessness of early oral cancers and the reduced morbidity with early detection, perhaps patients would recognize the need for clinical and self-examinations.
The affective component relates to changes in emotional state: feelings of overwhelming peace, painlessness, well-being, joy, and cosmic unity, and an apparent encounter with a loving being of light.
It's the sheer painlessness of the couple's life that truly destroys the spirit.
The relative painlessness of the process (no lengthy deadlocks, furloughed workers or IOUs), however, masks the fact that the budget contains little revolutionary policy change.
Additionally, because of the very small size of the tick (1 mm-2 mm) and the painlessness of its bite, as many as 80% of tick bites are unrecognized.
And then it faded, in the psyche, with stunning speed and painlessness, when television and the recorded pop song could do the cementing in a secular way.
The painlessness issues from Wodehouse's refusal to dwell on class envy and class conflict except as vehicles for comedy.
Transdermal drug patches offer the advantages of ease of use, painlessness, disposability, control of drug delivery and avoidance of first-pass metabolism by the liver.
The response may be one of analgesia, anesthesia, fainting, coma, or even painlessness.
It leads us to believe that enhancing these capabilities with the ease of use, virtual painlessness, small size and portability of our ViaDerm system may open up a myriad of possibilities to expand the therapeutic applications of Calcitonin beyond the current approved indications.