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The Aladdin shell's Class A paintable finish, UL 94V-0 certification, and the recyclability of the Ultra-S carbon fiber rounded out the positive results.
New "liquid design" materials which behave like water and are printable and paintable and can be programmed mean that intelligent surfaces can be designed.
Paintable batteries we have made have performance comparable to the commercial lithium- ion ones", pointed out Galande, who graduated from IIT- Kanpur in 2007.
Many potential applications are already targeted, including: binders for nonwovens, dispersant aids for additive concentrates, paper and paperboard coatings, abrasion-resistant coatings, paintable coatings and articles, heat transfer printing and protective coatings for metal, and many more.
Using a process that has been dubbed "SICOR" (for silane-on-corona), Voytek Gutowski, a researcher with Australia's federal science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has been able to treat these types of polymers to create a surface that is both paintable and bondable.
The program allows customers to choose from more than 18 colors and a paintable finish, five styles and various lengths and widths to create their own shutters.
Spackle traditionally was recommended for this purpose, but caulk does not have to be sanded and is readily paintable once it dries.
The author has put together a fresh consideration of the painting of ancient and pre-twentieth-century people who applied their painting concepts to pottery, wall paintings, pictographs, baskets, headdresses, altars, dance wands and other paintable surfaces.
Ruppersberger adds, however, that his research suggests homeowners can cut gas transmission through even the most permeable of these blocks by as much as 99 percent by liberally coating the indoor surface with latex paint or a paintable concrete topcoat.
Silicone caulks, which come clear or in colors, are an exception--you'll find paintable ones, but these cost a bit more and don't perform as well.
The duct itself is also paintable, allowing it to blend into just about any decor.
5" when nested and only a white, paintable trim plate is visible.