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Using the third paintbrush and the watercolors, paint another picture over the "hidden" paintings.
Using a paintbrush, dip the brush in to the green colouring and paint the tree.
As we empty our pockets, we celebrate the places each object was found--"a kitchen brush," "a paintbrush from outdoors.
Contents include five Aquarelle pencils (dark cadmium yellow, cobalt green, cobalt blue, middle purple pink, light cadmium red), paintbrush, Pitt artist brush pen (black), four canvas boards with preprinted designs (3"x 3"), four foam mounting boards, self-adhesive tape squares, and hanging tabs.
The best paintbrush in the world makes a terrible saw.
As she told a writer for the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, "[The children] came up with amazing drawings of animals, and they'd never seen a paintbrush before.
Van Gogh hoped to preach the gospel to the poor; failing that, he took up his paintbrush and painted those the rest of the world had forgotten.
When they felt like painting they picked up a paintbrush and started a new journey, during which they learn every day and teach us along the way.
A Worcestershire paintbrush manufacturer has invested in a new warehousing facility, helping to safeguard local jobs, with help from Lloyds TSB Corporate.
Interested in signs & symbols, Glenn Ligon is a semiotician with a paintbrush.
Those fastest runners occupy the highest echelon of human performance; not unlike Yo Yo Ma with his cello or Michaelangelo with his paintbrush.
Vasari: And so Michelangelo traded his paintbrush for a hammer and chisel, and became a live-in apprentice at the Medici palace.