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The Painting The Town Red project follows a successful campaign to reintroduce native red squirrels to Anglesey and rid the island of the grey squirrel - it now has about 500 red squirrels.
With this generous help from the Banks Group, people should start to hear more ground-nesting songbirds in their gardens again, and we can set about painting the town red.
Tee-totaller Spiral began painting the town red at the Citti Bar where he met up with former Big Bro contestant and fellow DJ Ray Shah.
Saturday night is still the most popular evening to spend painting the town red.
The big day is to be filmed for big sis Lisa's docu-soap Scott-Lee Unlimited, which will also include footage of Lisa and Michelle painting the town red beforehand.
Haabeb is more disposed to sipping her tea alone than dominating her would be lovers and painting the town red.
Other popular places for painting the town red included Birmingham.
Frank Glorioso was painting the town red Sunday night in Fargo, N.