pair with

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When the deacon had finished the prayer for the Imperial family, the priest turned to the bridal pair with a book: "Eternal God, that joinest together in love them that were separate," he read in a gentle, piping voice: "who hast ordained the union of holy wedlock that cannot be set asunder, Thou who didst bless Isaac and Rebecca and their descendants, according to Thy Holy Covenant; bless Thy servants, Konstantin and Ekaterina, leading them in the path of all good works.
Prevost alone, I think, has thrown light by his observations [9] on this puzzle: he finds that the female cuckoo, which, according to most observers, lays at least from four to six eggs, must pair with the male each time after laying only one or two eggs.
When lone returners paired with experienced birds (20% of the time), the experienced birds were most often available because they were lone returners as well, although one experienced bird was available to pair with a lone returner because he did not pair with his previous mate (which was present on the study site).
I mean, I can find a wine to pair with spicy Mexican food, but you are really forcing the issue when beer works so much better.
Each night, the pair with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and the last pair standing will win a week-long trip to Hawaii.
3 Mbps over a single pair with the confidence that it is backed by an International Standard.
3 Thuer derringers are expected to fetch $12,000 to $15,000 while another cased pair with ivory grips should sell for $4,000 to $5,000.