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When the deacon had finished the prayer for the Imperial family, the priest turned to the bridal pair with a book: "Eternal God, that joinest together in love them that were separate," he read in a gentle, piping voice: "who hast ordained the union of holy wedlock that cannot be set asunder, Thou who didst bless Isaac and Rebecca and their descendants, according to Thy Holy Covenant; bless Thy servants, Konstantin and Ekaterina, leading them in the path of all good works.
However, when using an unnatural base pair with 99.0% replication selectivity, the retention of the unnatural base pair in its amplified DNA after 20-cycle PCR would decrease to 82% ([0.99.sup.20] = ~0.82).
In 2006, we achieved an efficient genetic expansion PCR system involving the Ds-Pa pair with a combination of the usual (dPaTP, dGTP, dCTP and dTTP) and modified (dDsT[P.sub.NH2] and dAT[P.sub.NH2]) substrates.
Teenager Elliot Barnwell, making his debut against Yorkshire at third pair with Steven Lee, looked an impressive prospect as the pair won two out of three rubbers in straight sets and only went down to the first pair Andrew Banks and Kyle Brassington in a deciding championship tie-break.
I mean, I can find a wine to pair with spicy Mexican food, but you are really forcing the issue when beer works so much better.
A pair with a helper can successfully raise twice as many young as a pair with no help, the researchers point out.