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Only two pairs (Orchard = 1, Baltimore = 1) during our 4-year study remained paired for more than one season.
Without this software, paired failover would result in loss of access to data volumes.
Only paired works will be eligible for judging and awards.
A REIT is limited in the amount of bad or operational income it can earn and the paired REIT is subject to these restriction just like any REIT, Finally, the paired operating entity pays tax on all its profits, which include all profits attributable to operations rather than to ownership of the property.
Paired kidney donation is an option for patients in need of a kidney transplant who have a living donor whose blood or tissue type is not compatible.
The quenching character of beer allows it to be paired well with most food," offers Wendy Littlefield, co-owner of Ommegang Brewery and Vanberg & Dewulf imports.
So called "paper-clipped" REIT-C Corporation combinations have not been directly addressed in the current Proposal, but the increased scrutiny of paired arrangements could result in statutory or regulatory changes affecting these entities.
For daytime, try the Arizona denim mini skirt with a pair of Mixit leggings or textured tights; layers of multi-colored tanks paired with plaid western-inspired shirts from Arizona look fresh topped off with a scoop neck hoodie or short denim jacket.
Some patients had difficulty even recalling whether they had paired objects themselves or watched someone else do it, the researchers say.
The Sweet Grass "Green Hill," a rich double cream cheese with a white bloomy rind that softens as it ages, is paired with the Dow's Aged Tawny Ports, which are offered in 10, 20, 30 and 40 year bottlings.