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Said differently, each storage controller within a distributed cluster provides storage volume (LUN) access without requiring that another paired or partner controller exist.
Because the ownership and operation functions are bundled under the paired structure through the pairing of the REIT and the non-REIT corporation, shareholders come as close as possible to actually owning real estate.
The quenching character of beer allows it to be paired well with most food," offers Wendy Littlefield, co-owner of Ommegang Brewery and Vanberg & Dewulf imports.
So called "paper-clipped" REIT-C Corporation combinations have not been directly addressed in the current Proposal, but the increased scrutiny of paired arrangements could result in statutory or regulatory changes affecting these entities.
The memory of who paired objects survives, however, in those patients who experience a sense of familiarity upon encountering a pair of items again, although they can't explicitly remember having previously seen the duo.