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But they were one of the Foothill League's top pairings by season's end.
To understand the significance of bridging and its relation to wine pairing, consider the taste of a piece of fresh water fish that has been marinated in lime juice, green peppercorns, tarragon and shallots before being sauteed.
Although mentors have some input, the coordinator makes the final decision on mentor-protege pairings and notifies the mentor, protege, and human resources personnel of that decision.
The range of orange, pepper, vanilla, and fig make it an excellent pairing.
In early April, those submitting only half of the required pairing will be invited to a ``matchmaker'' session, where they will view slides of unattached artwork and examples of orphaned poetry.
In copper oxide superconductors, lattice vibrations alone are not strong enough to maintain the necessary electron pairing at elevated temperatures.
They quickly realized that in these materials, lattice vibrations alone aren't strong enough to maintain such pairing at the high superconducting transition temperatures observed in the copper oxides.