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And, as Goffman argued in Stigma, the pressure, the need to perform palatably, to produce acceptable identity narratives, to pass oneself off as "normal" is greater among those who are in some way or another marginalized by noticeable disparity (1963: 42-44).
(18) Therefore the new residents selected the elements of the 'charmingly traditional' Fitzroy that suited their lifestyle and mores, with the middle-class migration to Fitzroy in the 1970s producing a form of 'chic voyeurism' (19) in which 'diversity' and 'difference' was produced and consumed as palatably 'exotic and foreign flavours'.
To palatably explain the legislation, "you have to try and get out what it is in one breath--because if you don't, then nobody listens to you.
(96) By contrast, if the government utilizes its control over monetary policy to cause substantial inflation, the company can accomplish its goal of reducing workers' salaries more palatably by simply failing to increase wages at the rate of inflation.
Explaining Negroes palatably to whites wearied him but, as a colleague says, `it was his race and he wanted to do that.'"
An alumnus of "Saturday Night Live," he tries too hard to make his material palatably up-to-date and is not above giving his audience an intrusive poke when he fears we may not get the point.
Haslewood], Wyl Bucke His Testament: the Legacies Palatably Prepared for the Legatees (Chiswick, 1827); (ii) J.
He is also digital, and his presentation across multiple formats is not only socially acceptable but easy to process (mechanically and palatably).