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In the Christian tradition, palingenesis, from the Greek palingenesis, to be born again, describes a process of renewal.
A convenient candidate is the expression palingenesis, (114) which is derived from Plato's description of an 'ancient doctrine', according to which the living are born again from the dead (palin gignesthai ek ton apothanonton tous zontas).
a fictional reconstruction of the political and ideological palingenesis of Diallobe society from the Toroobe Islamic revolution of the late 18th century to the era of colonial domination.
Palingenesis is also an apt metaphor for both Call It Sleep and its author.
En relacion con el Digesto y el Codex Justinianus nos limitaremos a la palingenesis de esos contenidos.
Y subraya: "tanto los conventuales franceses como los founders norteamericanos han entendido el mundo contemporaneo y han comprendido su propia obra revolucionaria como palingenesis de la libertad republicana antigua" (ibid.
7) Es en el contexto de esa religion del amor y la belleza, y de esa metamorfosis personal, metempsicosis o palingenesis que debe leerse Comentarios reales.
Also see William Shutter, "The History as Palingenesis in Pater and Hegel," PLMA 86 (1971) 411-21, for a detailed study of Pater's debt to Hegel which he often tried to rescue against itself.
The first three chapters examine the ideas of l'art pour l'art (going back to the cross-cultural first use of the phrase in 1804), idem et alter (difference as an essential marker of the artist's transforming activity), and palingenesis of mind as art respectively.
Morgan "The Palingenesis of Ancient Wisdom and the Kingdom of God: Towards an Historical Interpretation of Schelling's Earliest Philosophy" (unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Cambridge, 1995).