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To palliate is to make comfortable, to reduce symptoms, to reduce distress and pain, and to relieve suffering and optimize quality of life.
After discussion with his family, a decision was made to palliate the patient; he died 36 h after arriving at the hospital.
Radiotherapy cannot cure the cancer but may help to shrink it or slow it down--it can palliate symptoms and may contribute to increase the survival rate.
Mocking the death sentence, he noted that after 20 years, it came to palliate his suffering and accelerate his death.
Oral metastatic tumors are commonly associated with metastasis to the multiple organs and they are associated with poor outcome and difficult to palliate.
3) The modified Blalock-Taussig shunt is a systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt that uses a PTFE interposition graft between the innominate artery and the right branch pulmonary artery (with left aortic arch) to palliate until definitive correction can be achieved.
Efforts designed to palliate a rogue regime may end up enriching and emboldening it.
Despite the fact that medicine has ignored the use of vitamin C for decades, it has been reported in many journals since the 1950s to palliate, control, or eradicate viral infections.
Still, it will fall to the EU to palliate any retaliatory economic measures that Moscow takes against Ukraine and Moldova for signing far-reaching agreements with the EU.
Were they to be sold, damages would be insufficient to palliate the loss.
The PLO and the Syrian government, the ambassador said, are exerting maximum efforts to palliate the tragedy of al-Yarmouk locals, as large shipments of food and medicine have recently made their way inside the camp and patients and students were evacuated.
It is important to ascertain whether the intention of treatment is to cure or to palliate and these expectations need to be discussed with the patient.