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In this context, some investigator proposed the concept of dyspnea ladder and used opioids to palliated dyspnea and other symptoms of advanced COPD.
The current patient's cardiac malformation, pulmonary atresia, was palliated with a Waterston shunt (side-to-side anastomosis of the ascending aorta to the right pulmonary artery).
Unfortunately there is a subset of stage 3B patients with bulky disease, bilateral hydronephrosis or impaired renal failure who will have a poor outcome after radiotherapy and may be palliated rather by short-course radiotherapy.
Frustration was palliated by a perception that the region was far more complex than the uninitiated suspected, and that to understand its dynamics one had to be an expert.
Indeed, the lower castes' rise in status has been so rapid that it "seems to have palliated much discontent with the relatively slow pace of economic growth," they observe.
In those pre- and early historical times people frequented such places often in the belief that imbibing the fresh water from a rocky pool, a woodland grove or a hollow in a grassland clearing cured or palliated certain illnesses.
Pediatric cardiologists typically follow these patients with surgically corrected or palliated congenital heart disease closely.
The reason is as simple as it is profound: these patients knew that their suffering would be effectively palliated and they would never be abandoned.