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Subaortic stenosis, the univentricular heart, and banding of the pulmonary artery: an analysis of the courses of 43 patients with univentricular heart palliated by pulmonary artery banding.
Until now, sovereign debt crises in the likes of Portugal and Greece have been palliated by international bailouts.
How do we know what is really meant to be done now and here by those of us who love the church and desire its new blooming so that now, as in the past, slaveries may end and prejudices may be palliated and the people may be saved and the church may finally become church and the model of Jesus may become more important than the model of a medieval system now abandoned by humanity everywhere, except by us?
Alun the marriage was not approved of in the family, particularly not by my grandmother who, in emergencies, had the job of lighting coal fires in the beauty's bedroom and fastening up the forty-odd buttons of the button boots she insisted on wearing despite a lifelong lack of manual dexterity - onerous tasks which were sometimes palliated by the beauty's fame, for when she was singing, courting couples were said to come from miles around to listen to her.
A decision to invite openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson to deliver the invocation at the "We Are One" concert on January 18 palliated some of the sting of the Warren invitation.
4) It was at this time that we realized CoQ10 represented a major advance in the treatment of a disease that previously could be only palliated and never cured.
Unfortunately there is a subset of stage 3B patients with bulky disease, bilateral hydronephrosis or impaired renal failure who will have a poor outcome after radiotherapy and may be palliated rather by short-course radiotherapy.
Metastatic and locally advanced, unresectable lesions may be palliated by surgical or endoscopic bypass, as well as by celiac plexus blockade.