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To her and her like, birth itself was an ordeal of degrading personal compulsion, whose gratuitousness nothing in the result seemed to justify, and at best could only palliate.
Bulstrode, which on the one hand would have inclined her to desire that the mildest view of his character should be the true one, but on the other, made her the more afraid of seeming to palliate his culpability.
We may palliate them or excuse them for this reason or that, but that is the truth, and I do not see why they should not be dropped from literature, as they were long ago dropped from the talk of decent people.
He did not disguise it to himself, nor attempt to palliate it.
While trying to palliate these misdeeds, the defendant's Attorney turned suddenly to the Judge, saying:
There has been in the past no excuse, no circumstance, that could palliate the offense.
It's a hard trail, Liverpool, and only the men that are hard will get through," Charles strove to palliate.