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There has been in the past no excuse, no circumstance, that could palliate the offense.
Then reseating himself in his chair, he watched his looks and manner: anxiously, it is true, but with the open front of a gentleman who feels he has taken no part which he need excuse or palliate.
It's a hard trail, Liverpool, and only the men that are hard will get through," Charles strove to palliate.
4) Whether solitary brain melanoma lesions are metastatic or primary, surgical resection palliates CNS symptoms and is thought to improve survival.
Lynch owns a home in Provence and is coowner of Domaine Les Palliates winery in Gigondas.
When Cicero discusses the letter itself (in his correspondence), in which the genus humile would play a role, he gives a definition which will be adopted by almost all the theoreticians of the Renaissance, namely that the letter palliates an absence and brings news to someone uninformed.