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The "illness" of poverty likewise cannot be cured by palliating the trials of the poor with a few thousand (or a few trillion) dollars, spread here and there.
The doctor informs her that it is a stage IV tumor and that treatment will be aimed at controlling and palliating the disease.
Radiation therapy is useful for palliating symptomatic metastatic disease (Volker, 2004).
A novel "winged" stent design may prove to be even more effective than current stent designs in palliating biliary obstructions in the future, Dr.
Of these, Cara De Silva's "In Memory's Kitchen: Reflections on a Recently Discovered Form of Holocaust Literature" brings up the role food played in the worst of circumstances; in concentration camps emaciated women found that talking and writing about the foods they remembered making for their no longer existing families a way of palliating the tragedy they were living.
This effectively positions Breton as a purveyor of "official realism," a government-approved style that contrasts with Millet's less palatable and palliating style.
Alongside access to information, advice and counselling, The Haven Trust specialises in complementary therapies to work alongside conventional medical treatment and to assist in palliating the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy.