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For all three cancers, rural hospitals were more likely than urban facilities to admit patients for palliation. For example, 39.2 percent of rural lung cancer admissions were for palliation, compared with 21.0 percent of urban hospital admissions.
Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, and other specialists from Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Brazil address the epidemiology of hypopharyngeal cancer; signs and symptoms, staging, and co-morbidity; natural history; clinical and radiological evaluation; treatment options, including surgical treatment; indications for non-surgical treatment; outcomes of tumor control for primary treatment; sequelae and complications of treatment; swallowing and voice outcomes following treatment; quality of life outcomes; salvage treatment options after failed primary treatment; systemic therapy, palliation, and supportive care of patients; and treatment options for patients in developing countries in Africa, South America, and Asia.
So as a compassionate measure we are also creating a statutory defence for people eligible to receive palliation so that they can use illicit cannabis without fear of prosecution.
Objectives: To determine the efficacy of hypo-fractionated radiotherapy 8 Gray in 1 fraction for palliation of pain secondary to bone metastasis.
At time of presentation to a tertiary care centre, the majority of the patients of oesophageal neoplasm have already advanced disease and in this setting palliation is the only aim of treatment.
(1) Self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) are now widely used in the palliation of oesophageal cancer, and in most institutions SEMS are deployed under fluoroscopic guidance.
Objective: To determine the outcome of duodenal stenting in palliation of patients with malignant pyloric and duodenal obstruction.
Baron et al., "Palliation of patients with malignant gastric outlet obstruction with the enteral Wallstent: outcomes from a multicenter study," Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, vol.
Each section is outlined for diagnosis and management, endoscopic management, palliation, and the oncologist's perspective.
At that time, prostate cancer was conventionally managed by urology teams, and chemotherapy was considered to have no role outside of symptomatic palliation. However, TAX327 marked a change in the management of mCRPC.
Endoscopic biliary decompression has become the preferred palliation technique in unresectable malignant biliary obstruction.
The majority of children born with HLHS undergo a series of three procedures, together known as single ventricle palliation (SVP), culminating in the Fontan procedure.