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The funding will help Pallium Canada expand its Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP) program.
En este caso, es la region conocida como pallium medial del telencefalo de los anfibios la que ha sido historicamente propuesta como homologa del hipocampo de los mamiferos (Northcutt & Ronan, 1992).
There is an exclusive workshop on palliative care by Pallium India which is a WHO-recognised centre of excellence for palliative care and pain relief.
Puppet show director, Heather Burnley, from Gwyddelwern, said: "I will be recreating the puppet show I developed for the Millennium when I retraced the journey taken by Sigeric in 990 when he travelled to Rome to receive his pallium, a special stole made from lamb's wool, from the Pope.
On this day at the Vatican in Rome, the Pope places the pallium or woolen cloak on archbishops who were appointed in the past year, to symbolize the unity of the Church.
face theliverpoolecho During the Mass, Archbishop Malcolm will receive a pallium - a woollen shoulder band.
Identifying variety as characteristic of English dress, the author's starting points are Tertullian--the third-century theologian who rejected the Roman toga for the Greek pallium as a philosophical, Christian garment--and Boethius, whose imprisonment involved a transformation in clothing.
The pallium, and the stola, the insignia of high officials, made their appearance in the 5th century.
70) Preterea ex benedictione beati Petri, apostolorum principis, pallium uobis transmisimus ad sola missarum solennia utendum.
Alem disso, no latim, pallium sao vestimentas usadas pelo Papa, portanto, ha uma forte ligacao desse termo historico com o sagrado e com a espiritualidade (1,3).
The Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada (QELCCC) emerged from a Senate committee in 2000 and consists of thirty-six national organizations, including the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada, The Way Forward Initiative, The Pallium Foundation, and Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association.