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This space was supplied by the first common palmar metacarpal artery from the deep palmar arch.
Already in 1816, Meckel mentioned two cases of a peculiar variation of the superficial brachioradial artery which bifurcated within the cubital fossa into a thicker lateral branch, obviously a radial artery, and a thinner medial branch, running subcutaneously and terminating in the superficial palmar arch.
1] The continuation of SUA as superficial palmar arch by passing superficial to flexor retinaculum, as observed by us is the usual mode of termination.
Association of the absence of the palmaris longus tendon with an anomalous superficial palmar arch in the human hand.
Recent studies on macrovascular disease in SSc suggest that ischemic demarcation and loss of digits occur secondary to narrowing or occlusion of larger digital arteries (vessels of the palmar arch, radial, or ulnar artery) or medium-sized and large arteries in the lower extremities.
As it runs through the anatomic snuffbox, it enters the palm between the two heads of the first dorsal interosseous muscle and then between the heads of the adductor pollicis muscle dividing into the princeps pollicis artery and the deep palmar arch.
It then descended superficial to the muscles arising from medial epicondyle of the humerus and was covered by the deep fascia of the forearm, pierced the deep fascia proximal to the wrist, crossed the flexor retinaculum, and formed the superficial palmar arch.
The decompression is carried distally to the fat pad in which lies the deep palmar arch.
In the most distal aspect of this zone, the radial artery divides into four branches which anastomose with similar branches of the ulnar artery, providing the vascularization of the hand: (1) the carpal palmar branch anastomoses with a similar branch of the ulnar artery; (2) the superficial palmar branch, which together with the main trunk of the ulnar artery, forms the superficial palmar arch, that gives the four common digital palmar arteries, (3) the dorsal carpal branch, with a similar ulnar branch, forms the dorsal carpal arch that gives rise to the dorsal metacarpal arteries, and (4) the termination of the RA itself anastomoses with the deep palmar branch of the ulnar artery to form the deep palmar arch.