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In the most high and palmy state of Rome," Horatio explains,
Its table of stars includes Thongchai ``Bird'' McIntyre,Thailand's top selling male vocalist and Palmy,its top selling female vocalist.
which must have been worthy of the palmy days of Sodom'.
Within weeks, 12 acres of the palmy paradise and 300 feet of the river's bank were home.
I don't know, but would guess that he didn't; and I also imagine that if he did, it was by way of a joke"), and interjects his own experiences with editors, fellow authors, and the enticement of Hollywood ("When I was a greenhorn novelist, beckoned from New York to that palmy colony .
TO ANY Liverpudlian jazz lover who remembers the palmy days of 1950s Jazz 'n' Skiffle, a trip to Castleton Gabriels Football Club in Rochdale would have brought a smile to the lips - and a furrow to the brow.
That impresario extraordinaire, the late Joe Papp, in his palmy days was once faced with a press complaining vociferously that too many of the new American plays he was energetically producing were clinkers.
The palmy days of guerrilla journalism spawned by the civil rights and anti-war protests of 30 years ago were great good fun, but they're over, they say.
Originally intended for a local Conran's Habitat (the fashionable home-furnishing chain), My Aunt and I Agree is without doubt a great, "off" painting, a jagged slice of nature - palmy foliage in a balmy haze - in early-'70s suntan-lotion-tube colors, framed by the tanned and elongated fingers of an otherwise unseen human presence.
So Hays--a quiet man, never one to trumpet his considerable accomplishments--was both pleased and wistful at the center of that evening's homage, as he and his wife, Susie, greeted guests in the posh top-floor club overlooking the palmy Westwood neighborhood.