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It was Paradise, and in those palmy days not at all difficult to enter.
The evening is the climax to the choir'silver jubilee year and will feature festive music and readings with Dame Judi, who will be joined on the evening by her As Time Goes By co-star Geoffrey Palmy -er.
Barque of phosphor On the palmy beach, Move outward into heaven, Into the alabasters And night blues.
When Palmy was being launched, then too, Zulfiqar Industries had launched a lucky draw competition to create excitement about the new brand.
On account of the Palmetto, (1) the palmy days of the ordinary newspaper correspondent are over for the present; he cannot expect to hold his own in the face of the War Correspondent, who advances in the columns of his paper red-handed, and who makes his readers to smell the battle afar off as if it were near, and who clothes his pen with thunder, instead of the cheap steed with which his chiefs furnish him to ride afield.
Famous dead shot in the palmy days of the old Southwest trail") about the Savage in 1909 called "The Tenderfoot's Turn.
All day long with laughing eyes, Dancing by a palmy bay, In the wooded paradise, The cedar-wooded paradise Of still Xaraguay.
The way the old leaguer covers the ground and swats the ball reminds one of 'Cupid's' palmy days when he was the 'whole thing' with the Clevelanders.
Kate Hickman, Dene Palmy CLASS TWO RIDE & RELAX 65CM: 1.
He ended up exploring the town for nearly two hours, mostly coasting along the bumpy roads, through the corrugated farmland and green, palmy fields--a town similar to his own.
Before retiring that night, Dawson took a moment to describe the evening's events in his diary, followed by a note of reflection: 'I suppose the Indians may yet almost imagine the old palmy days when hundreds Crowded the villages & nothing had eclipsed the grandeur of their ceremonies & doings .