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5 cm in size with a history of rapid lateral spread, and it is marked by a confluent scaly surface with some palpability.
5) Additionally, the political palpability of a smaller regulatory introduction makes the case for governmental expansion, albeit small, an easier sell to the American people.
The first piece, "Prose from Autumn in Gerona," is a series of wayward reconstitutions of past moments of an affair that has recently ended; the palpability of loss haunts Bolano's consciousness so that he cannot escape the sufferings indulged by memory.
Age at orchidopexy and testis palpability predict germ cell and leydig cell loss: clinical predictors of adverse histological features of cryptorchidism.
Science merely recognizes that spirits, too, if they exist, have resistance and palpability.
This function, by promoting the palpability of signs, deepens the fundamental dichotomy of signs and objects.
Though not different in kind, certain imaginative events are, cognitive theory allows, different in degree--degree of entrenchment, palpability, intentionality, and self-awareness, to name just a few of the relevant gradients (16)--and it is this fact that argues for the special value of the literary object.
Language and discourse are intimately connected to one's sense of self and, as Anderson has shown, the very palpability of language (in a print culture) generates the idea of a definable shared community.
His appropriations, extensions of Sherrie Levine's early challenges to authorship and aura, replace thick brushwork with a Photorealist finish; Brown flattens the paint's surface, yet gives the illusion of texture with a trompe l'oeil palpability.
For Hemingway, both the fourth dimension of prose that he strove for as well as Ordonez's bullfighting have a certain palpability, whose emotional effects can manifest themselves in the audience.
The poem "Absence," for example, finds "trees and rocks set like dishes / for tea in absence sliding / like mercury through fingers / of raked sand the character of the sea," as if these things were negotiating their own palpability.
Since Ladenson is a rigorous scholar, this problem suggests a paradox in the critical method, and the palpability of the problem increases when we turn to the only text that finds homoerotic content in Miller.