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However, the use of ultrasound in boys with palpable testes has not yet been well-studied.
They showed that if the UDT is palpable it often has a normal vascular pedicle but shorter processus vaginalis.
MATERIALS & METHODS: Ultrasonographic examination of 50 cases of palpable female breast masses was done in our institute from January 2011 to February 2012.
The company's sBLA, which is seeking expansion of the labeling for the concurrent treatment of multiple palpable cords, is based on positive results from a global, multicenter Phase 3b trial, together with data from its earlier MULTICORD (Multiple Treatment Investigation of Collagenase Optimizing the Resolution of Dupuytren's) studies (AUX-CC-861 and AUX-CC-864).
A palpable mass was defined as discrete/dominant if it was three-dimensional, distinct from surrounding tissues, and asymmetrical relative to the other breast.
New research findings published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons indicate that patients who presented with palpable tumors - those detected as a result of breast complaint or during examination - had larger tumors and were at a more advanced stage at diagnosis.
While the majority of palpable breast masses turn out to be benign cysts or fibroadenomas, breast cancer is found in 11 % of women complaining of a breast lump and 4% of women with any breast complaint, she said said at a meeting on women's health sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco.
An "overweight" cat's ribcage and spine are not easily palpable, its waist is "absent" and there is "obvious abdominal distension.
This migration, modest but palpable according to Hersh, may give way to a long planned expansion of Harborside.
The core text draws upon the author's lifelong wisdom, alternating between overviews of positive traits to cultivate in oneself and vignettes written by others that lend a palpable dimension to life lessons.
Taylor gives a raw, emotion-charged performance that makes Josie's anger, pain and search for meaning wrenching and palpable.