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1-5) In cockatiels, complete fusion of the eyelids or narrowing of the palpebral fissure can develop secondary to such causes as cryptophthalmos (1) or ankyloblepharon.
PRESENCE AND ABSENCE OF CHARACTERISTIC FEATURES OF VCFS SYNDROME IN THE PATIENT DESCRIBED NOT SYSTEM FEATURE NOTED NOTED Psychiatric Developmental disability X History of psychosis X Otological Ear abnormality X Hearing loss X Craniofacial Microcephaly X Abundant scalp hair X Narrow palpebral fissures X Widely-set eyes X Prominent nose X Squared nasal root X Narrow alar base X Deficient malar area X Large maxilla X Short chin X Cleft secondary palate X Velopharyngeal incompetence X Musculo-skeletal Short stature X Slender limbs X Hypotonia X Hyperextensible hands and fingers X Cardiac Heart defects / Tetralogy of Fallot X
In their series of 21 patients, Finkelstein et al noted that only 11 had the full spectrum of facial anomalies; the most common signs were narrow palpebral fissures and a high nasal bridge.
Narrow palpebral fissures, flattening of zygomatic bones
The facial anomalies, which are usually bilateral and symmetric, consist of down-slanting palpebral fissures, colobomata of the lower eyelid, scanty lower eyelashes, malar hypoplasia, and micro- or retrognathia.