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He is aware of the fact that the Urdu short stories lag far behind in depicting the society and the people, although there are a few story writers who have the credit of writing such short stories which the hearts of the common people palpitate in.
I will break words up the way I'd split a flint I will grind words down like marble, like pigments So their dust rises to the nostrils of the god Fine-ground as flour for our daily bread Or powder on the cheeks of beautiful And less beautiful women, butterflies' pollen, salt Of the spindrift piercing the doors of the sea Like the air where a billion lightbulbs palpitate Like the grain of time burst in the hourglass I will set free those atoms of speech before Words themselves break me up, grind me down, Burn me to ash, scatter me, bury me
By shaving and tapping the wood, one can shift the rate at which the plates palpitate and the position of their vibrations.
And he never lost touch with what, deep down, all dance music fans really crave - bass to make your legs wobble, jaggy noises to to make your heart palpitate and just enough soul to hold your body together.
It's3am and we are wide and starving but to lie still and palpitate At breakfast, we are very quietly when manager comes to us.
In January 1974, the medical students at Cardiff were revolting (no change there then, boom boom) because they had to inject live dogs with various drugs, in order to test the hounds' reaction (quiver, palpitate, froth, convulse, die - that's generally how it went).