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Written by the daughter of the protagonists, "Flight of Remembrance" provides a window into the palpitating heart of wartime upheaval under Hitler and the Nazi regime through the experiences of Rolf, a young Latvian aeronautical engineering student of Baltic German descent who escapes from Latvia to Germany in 1939 before the first Soviet takeover, and Lilo, the young woman he meets in 1940 Berlin.
Please don't keep the mic so close to me or everyone will hear my heart palpitating," joked Roshan.
The first of these essays contrasts Janacek and his 'ability to catch from his native Moravian air the freshest tonal harmonies, and the palpitating fragments of original and life-enhancing melody' (164) with the sterile theorizing of Schoenberg.
Taking the stage in front of a banner with a picture of giant, palpitating heart of the conjoined cross and crescent, Massar Egbari kicked off the night's show with a mixture of powerful and somber numbers.
While some will be left palpitating at the thought, sci-fi fans will be more than excited about the prospect of seeing a clip from the Doctor Who Christmas special.
As humans, our blood is red and most feelings associated to a palpitating heart - be they fury or desire - are linked to this colour.
The lovers, absorbed in one another, do not recognize how deeply they are attuned to the natural world, but they too are palpitating and at play; they too are in the full, lush summer of their love; and more than this, as the hexameter itself suggests, they are emotionally enjoying a time of overflowing abundance.
From the Visions of William Blake": In the parking lot of the Food Giant/I kneel beside my sleeping infant, his features/appropriated by nature from the visions of William Blake,/the veined eyelids nearly transparent, palpitating with residual brightness.
Her seemingly virile fingers occupy a ringed and iron gauntlet as she holds high the palpitating flag in the sky with its golden splendor of the fleur-de-lis.
Describing the measures approved in legal documents signed by former US Assistant Attorney General Jay S Bybee, he said: "One can almost imagine the fictional agent Jack Bauer, waterboard in hand, palpitating Abu Zubaydah before him, as he read it.
I was sweating and palpitating, and I know he could smell my fear.
Hair on end and palpitating, she showed him the door then sat her children down for a few lessons in modern life.