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In addition, unlike lying by omission, paltering does not require the target to be complicit by failing to demand relevant information.
The authors find that paltering is a quite common form of deception, particularly in a negotiation context, that it may be effective short-term, but not necessarily long-term, and that it is less aversive to negotiators than lying by commission and just as likely to be effective.
36) Carroll, supra note 5, at 24; see also Frederick Schauer & Richard Zeckhauser, Paltering, in DECEPTION: FROM ANCIENT EMPIRES TO INTERNET DATING 38, 44 (Brooke Harrington ed.
Schauer and Zeckhauser distinguish paltering from lying.
Prudential was guilty of misrepresentation and paltering.
Paltering, or talking in an insincere, equivocal manner, occurs when communicators ignore ethical values.
They engaged in paltering (talking insincerely) and took advantage of their customers' lack of financial acumen.
Have agents learned that twisting, churning, and paltering are unacceptable practices?
Placed beside him, other critics tend to look anemic and their judgments sound paltering.