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Here was the essence of the meanness and paltriness of the little Englander spirit: East Anglia's aquatic necropolis, a place where the waters are as broad as the minds are narrow.
Throughout the text, as he attempts to render the sharecroppers' lives, he constantly deprecates his role of reporter and continually emphasizes the paltriness of language in conveying the sharecroppers' meager existence and emotions.
It doesn't even begin to compare with the lobbying of, say, Big Oil, or even the AMA or the NEA, if only by dint of the number of people it represents and the paltriness of their individual contributions.
Social practice has replaced woman as the least part of herself with something bigger, and has done this so effectively that the very paltriness of woman has been effaced by fashion's supplements.
The playwright reveals to Prudence the paltriness of her life in New York City but he is eventually shown up as a dour ideologue and domestic tyrant.