paltry few

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They could easily afford to slash your bills by a lot more than a paltry few pence.
Though this sort of action by management is illegal, the punishments for employers who break the law are so minimal--often a paltry few thousand dollars in fines--that they provide little deterrent.
The paltry few who opted to own the staff cars in their use statedly had them first refurbished massively at huge government expense before taking them in possession as their personal properties.
ALMOST LOST AMIDST THE DUFFY SCANDAL, which has become the wright scandal, and relates to the wallen scandal and the previous senate misspending scandals, which altogether add up to a paltry few hundred thousand dollars, is the multibillion-dollar scandal that is yesterday's news, harper's secret police have blown three billion dollars, instead of guarding the nation's safes, they've rifled them
When the feloul took to the streets, they were but a paltry few camped by the Mustafa Mahmoud mosque in Dokki, even when Mubarak was still in power.
And how can Rangers' creditors possibly accept a paltry few pence in the pound from a club that, during administration, has not made one employee redundant, sanctioned overnight stays in top hotels, sent two youth teams to Hong Kong and is currently re-seeding the pitch?
This is not surprising, judging by the paltry few diehards that attend our Allianz Football League games, usually two or three hundred spectators.
Look at the crazy scheduling times for soccer matches which can force supporters into incurring thousands of pounds of extra travelling costs, and look at the British Lions' tour to South Africa - one of the great rugby contests of recent times - seen by a paltry few millions when people across the whole of Great Britain were dying to follow the team on free to air television.
On the contrary, I regard Bibi's speech as a real breakthrough and think I know how difficult it was for him to make even these paltry few concessions.
The drain covers are targeted by thieves as a way of making a paltry few pounds from the scrap value," he said.
The paltry few auto criminals who are apprehended ( usually after crime sprees lasting for months or even years ( invariably ask for dozens of other offences to be taken into consideration before being given a pardon or community service.