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The huge mastif that has been already mentioned, appeared from his kennel, gaping and stretching himself with pampered laziness; but as his mistress again called:
All you have to do is fill in the nomination form along with an explanation in no more than 25 words of why your friend or neighbour deserves to be pampered with a hamper.
Like many ladies, luxurious body treats and delightful perfumes make me feel beautiful, sexy and pampered.
DOTING dog owner Louise Harris, who splashed out pounds 20,000 to give her pampered pooch the perfect wedding day, needs her head examined.
The ten girls from Belarus were pampered and given makeovers at the Royal Oak Hotel, Great Ayton.
WOULD you like to chill out and be pampered in your own home?
In 1980 author Doris Christopher, former home economist and teacher, wanted to return to the workforce after raising her children: she began selling high-quality kitchen tools through cooking demonstrations and began her company, The Pampered Chef, from her basement.
Owth Industry: Pampered Pets Are Everywhere, and People Have No Fear of Spending Money On Them" by David Burger, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Times-Tribune (June 26, 2005).
How could we forget those white wristbands, complete with their infantile slogan, which seemed more about giving pampered Westerners the opportunity to quite literally wear their hearts on their sleeves (for a week or two, anyway) than actually tackling the hugely complex root causes of world poverty?
To look for the long-term benefits of a feed-me signal, Gobin's group pampered some larvae with all-you-can-eat crickets and fruit flies but fed others only twice a week.
CHICAGO-The Pampered Chef, a direct seller of kitchenware, has launched its annual fund-raising activities to help out one of the nation's top anti-hunger causes.