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We know that, when the bodily constitution is gone, life is no longer endurable, though pampered with all kinds of meats and drinks, and having all wealth and all power; and shall we be told that when the very essence of the vital principle is undermined and corrupted, life is still worth having to a man, if only he be allowed to do whatever he likes with the single exception that he is not to acquire justice and virtue, or to escape from injustice and vice; assuming them both to be such as we have described?
He was one of the miserable little pretty white-handed, curly-headed boys, petted and pampered by some of the big fellows, who wrote their verses for them, taught them to drink and use bad language, and did all they could to spoil them for everything * in this world and the next.
But he had saved himself by not becoming a mere pampered house-dog.
Jos was at present without a servant, Osborne's man and his own pampered menial having conspired together at Chatham, and refused point-blank to cross the water.
But one or two of us, pampered by the life of the land, complained of hunger.
All you have to do is fill in the nomination form along with an explanation in no more than 25 words of why your friend or neighbour deserves to be pampered with a hamper.
30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie of Denver, CO and Shirley of Hollywood of Vernon, CA have reached a deal that will boost Pampered Passions' sexy lingerie assortment and provide Shirley access to Pampered Passions' award winning business model and worldwide customer base.
WOULD you like to chill out and be pampered in your own home?
In 1980 author Doris Christopher, former home economist and teacher, wanted to return to the workforce after raising her children: she began selling high-quality kitchen tools through cooking demonstrations and began her company, The Pampered Chef, from her basement.
How could we forget those white wristbands, complete with their infantile slogan, which seemed more about giving pampered Westerners the opportunity to quite literally wear their hearts on their sleeves (for a week or two, anyway) than actually tackling the hugely complex root causes of world poverty?
CHICAGO-The Pampered Chef, a direct seller of kitchenware, has launched its annual fund-raising activities to help out one of the nation's top anti-hunger causes.